Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy (SEM101)

About this Training

With this course, the participant will become familiar with the basic principles and applications of SEM-EDS. Become knowledgeable in the capability and limitations of SEM-EDS and be able to acquire SEM-EDS data and do basic interpretation.

Engr. Marlon Llana, M. Sce. Eng.
About the Speaker
Engr. Marlon Llana, M. Sce. Eng.
Technical and Operations Director, NASAT Labs
Eng’r. Llana has a B.S. and a Masters’ degree in Chemical Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing a doctorate degree. He has over 20 years Of experience in the semiconductor industry in the field Of Quality, R&D, Laboratory Operation, Electro-plating, Failure Analysis, and Reliability having worked for Philips Semiconductors, SunPower Mfg. Ltd., International Recifier, and DECA Technologies. He is also a technical assessor of DTI-PAB for ISO/IECI 7025 and is a member of DTI Technical committee for nanotechnology.

Training Schedule

Session 1
Part 1 (Lecture) – April 23, 2024
Part 2 (Lecture) – April 24, 2024
Part 3 (Lecture) – April 25, 2024
Part 4 (Lecture) – April 26, 2024
Part 5 (Hands-On) – Schedule Basis
Session 2
Part 1 (Lecture) – September 3, 2024
Part 2 (Lecture) – September 4, 2024
Part 3 (Lecture) – September 5, 2024
Part 4 (Lecture) – September 6, 2024
Part 5 (Hands-On) – Schedule Basis
*Schedules may be subject to change
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