Science and Technology on Wheels (STOW) goes to Batangas State University – Pablo Borbon Campus!

Fueling Scientific Curiosity: Celebrating Education and Innovation with Science and Technology on Wheels!

At NASAT Labs, we believe that the power of science and education knows no bounds. Our “Science and Technology on Wheels” initiative is more than a program; it’s a celebration of knowledge, collaboration, and the spirit of innovation.

NASAT Labs’ Science and Technology on Wheels (STOW) rolled into Batangas State University – Pablo Borbon Campus for a groundbreaking event that redefined the possibilities of science education!

Students from diverse engineering programs, including Chemical, Food, Metallurgical, Ceramics, Petroleum, and the BS Chemistry program, came together to participate in this innovative endeavor. From insightful lectures to live demonstrations and thought-provoking quizzes, we brought science education to life in a truly interactive way.
Sending our heartfelt thanks to Batangas State University ARC, MTCC, and the entire BatStateU-TNEU community for hosting our Science and Technology on Wheels adventure! It was a day brimming with enthusiasm and collaborative learning, all made possible by your wonderful community. Let’s keep the excitement alive and continue to explore, learn, and grow together. #STOW #ScienceAndTechnologyOnWheels #NASATLabs 🚌🔬