Learn skills and techniques used in the semiconductor and electronics industry and LAND A JOB.
What is the Semiconductor and Electronics Bootcamp?
NASAT Labs’ Semiconductor and Electronics Bootcamp Program (SEBPro) is a short-term program for individuals who wish to land a technician or engineering job in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Through live classes, hands-on learning, and mentorship, SEBPro learners will surely boost their edge over other applicants. They will be introduced to the specific processes, tools and equipment used in the industry, operate equipment and run various analyses, and build their portfolio of hands-on laboratory work.
Live Classes
Learn from our experienced instructors through live lectures and discussions. Our SEBPro allows you to engage real-time with your instructor and peers.
Hands-on Learning
At NASAT Labs, we’re not only capable of teaching theoretical concepts, but also their practical applications. We have various laboratory tools and equipment where you can apply all the concepts you’ve learned from our instructors – the best way to learn.

Culminating Laboratory Work

We make sure that all our graduates are equipped with the right knowledge and certain skills upon completion of their SEBPro journey. During the last few stages of their course, SEBPro learners will conduct a series of laboratory analyses at NASAT Labs’ Failure Analysis and Material Characterization Division.
Job Hunting Assistance
Our goal is not only to teach you engineering concepts, but to equip you with the essential skills and experience to help you land a job in the semiconductor and electronics industry. Aside from this, we will help you find opportunities that will suit your newly acquired skills and coach you on how to craft the perfect resume and deliver the best job interviews.
Portfolio Building
SEBPro is a one-of-a-kind program that will allow you to operate highly advanced and state-of-the-art equipment which will help build your experience and portfolio. With several years of experience in the industry, our instructors can help you build an impressive portfolio that will prove your skills and capabilities to your future employers.
Flexible Payment
We believe learning should be accessible for everyone. NASAT Labs’ SEBPro allows you to enjoy learning without thinking too much about your expenses. Choose from our flexible payment options.
Who is it for?
Career Shifters
Individuals with no semiconductor and/or electronics engineering background who wish to pursue a career in the semiconductor and electronics industry
Fresh Graduates
Graduates of any technical or Engineering course who wish to boost their current knowledge and skills to jumpstart their career in the semiconductor and electronics industry
Overseas Career Seekers
Individuals who wish to pursue a career abroad in the field of semiconductor and electronics
Industry Professionals
Professionals who wish to upskill and improve their current knowledge and understanding
Licensed Engineers
Engineers who wish to have a more in-depth expertise on various semiconductor and electronics techniques and skills.