Material Science and Engineering (MSE101)

About this Training

This course is designed to give participants from semiconductor and electronics industry of what material science and engineering is all about and its application to semiconductor materials and electronics. It also aims to give the participant the basic but important material science concepts which they can apply to their work.

About the Speaker
Engr. Marlon Llana, M. Sce. Eng.
Technical and Operations Director, NASAT Labs
Eng’r. Llana has a B.S. and a Masters’ degree in Chemical Engineering from Mapua Institute of Technology. He is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in the same institution. He has over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry in the field of Quality, R&D, Laboratory Operation, Electro-plating, Failure Analysis and Reliability having worked for Philips Semiconductors, SunPower Mfg. Ltd., International Rectifier, and DECA Technologies. He is also a technical assessor of DTI-PAB for ISO/IEC17025 and is a member of DTI Technical committee for nanotechnology.

Webinar Schedule

Session 2
Part 1 (Lecture) – May 4, 2021
Part 2 (Lecture) – May 6, 2021
Part 3 (Lecture) – May 10, 2021
Part 4 (Lecture) – May 12, 2021
Part 5 (Lecture) – May 14, 2021
Session 3
Part 1 (Lecture) – August 17, 2021
Part 2 (Lecture) – August 19, 2021
Part 3 (Lecture) – August 23, 2021
Part 4 (Lecture) – August 25, 2021
Part 5 (Lecture) – August 27, 2021
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