Reliability Engineering and Management (REL101)

About this Training

This course is a lecture-discussion on the fundamentals of Reliability Engineering and Management of the semiconductor components. This is recommended for those engaged in reliability testing activities who want to understand the fundamental concepts of semiconductor component reliability and management.

About the Speaker
Mark Anthony C. Esmael, RCh
Laboratory Head, NASAT Labs
Mr. Esmael is an experienced instructor in many areas. He has conducted several trainings such as Water Analysis Techniques, Particle Size Analysis, and Advanced Analytical Techniques used in Chemical Laboratories. He has also acquired profound and in-depth training of advanced analytical instruments in Singapore, China, and several other countries. He has acquired a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Polytechnic University of the Philippines (Manila) and has received several units for a Master of Science in Chemistry from the De La Salle University. Before becoming the Laboratory Head of NASAT Labs, he was a chemist, at Robinsons Land Corporation Environmental Laboratory Section under JG Summit Holdings Inc.

Webinar Schedule

1st Session
Part 1 (Lecture) – June 14, 2021
Part 2 (Lecture) – June 16, 2021
Part 3 (Lecture) – June 18, 2021
2nd Session
Part 1 (Lecture) – November 22, 2021
Part 2 (Lecture) – November 24, 2021
Part 3 (Lecture) – November 26, 2021
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