Material Science

Particle Size Analysis (PSA101)

Particle Size Analysis (PSA) is an analytical technique used in measuring the distribution of sizes in a sample of solid or liquid particulate material. The particle analyzer operates on the basis of static laser light scattering. It can be used for dry and wet measurements with measurement range of 0.01 µm – 5000 µm.

Advance Surface Analysis Techniques (SA101)

This course is an introduction to various surface analytical techniques such as AFM, FTIR, RAMAN, EDS, XRF, WDS, XPS, AES, TOF-SIMS, and Contact Angle. This will give participants the basic knowledge of the technique and to let them know which technique is more appropriate for certain problem and sample situation. Teach them what outcome to expect from the technique, its applicability and usefulness and the basic data interpretation.

Material Science and Engineering (MSE101)

This course is designed to give participants from semiconductor and electronics industry of what material science and engineering is all about and its application to semiconductor materials and electronics. It also aims to give the participant the basic but important material science concepts which they can apply to their work.

Materialographic Preparation by Precision Grinding Polishing and Ion Milling Technique (MPM101)

This course is a lecture and hands-on discussion on the materialographic preparation techniques such as cross sectioning, grinding, polishing, lapping, mechanical delayering, and ion milling. The participant will be able use a precision grinder polisher and learn how to prepare the samples precisely and with high quality. They will learn the theory and various method of sample preparation. They will also utilize a more advance technique using Ion Milling to prepare soft and difficult samples prior inspection. Thus, also have the opportunity to learn the basics of SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) imaging and the use of Electron Backscatter Diffraction (EBSD).